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Technologies we’ll be using:

  • Flask — Python Web Framework
  • boto3 — Python module with necessary functions to work with AWS services like dynamoDB, S3.
  • DynamoDB — Document based database service by AWS.

Install the dependencies for the project using pip in the terminal.

$ pip install flask$ pip install boto3$ pip install python-decouple
  • Let’s create a python file to contain all our dynamoDB handler functions.
$ touch
  • In the file, import the boto3 module.
import boto3
  • Pass the credentials as environment variables

Create an EC2 instance

  • Flask
  • graphene
$ pip install Flask
$ pip install graphene
from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)
def root_route():
return 'Hello World'
if __name__ == '__main__':
$ python


  • Node
  • npm
  • Docker

1. Create a node.js app

const express = require("express");const app = express();
const PORT = 4000;
app.get('/', (req, res) => {
res.send("Hello World"
app.listen( PORT, () => console.log("Server is listening to port" + PORT ));
$ npm init$ npm install express$ node index.js

  • We are going to define two routes with the methods GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, and PATCH.

  • Tailwind is a CSS framework that has lots of predefined styles for us to design faster.
  • Vue.js is a very popular front-end framework written in javascript.
$ npm install -g @vue/cli

1. Arrow function

  • Creating a function using function keyword:
function hello () {
console.log('hello world');
  • Using the arrow function:
const hello = () => {
console.log('hello world');
const hello = () => console.log('hello world');

npm modules used:

  • express — for our backend server.
  • mongoose — for working with MongoDB
  • dotenv —for providing credentials using environment variables
$ mkdir express-mongodb
$ cd express-mongodb

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