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Let’s learn to use these services with a use case — create an API to add a new entry to the database using AWS Services — Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB.

What we are going to create?

  • An Amazon DynamoDB table called Book to store book details.
  • An API using API Gateway to add a new book record to the table created.
  • A Lambda function that handles the request from API and adds the details to the DynamoDB Table.

Resources Used:

  • Amazon API Gateway —a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale.
  • AWS Lambda —…

In this article, we will be learning to add glassmorphic effect in our webpage using CSS3.

The Glassmorphic effect looks pleasing to the eyes and adds a charming look to your website. It looks translucent and appears like frosted glass.

Let's create a glassmorphic profile card

The Glassmorphism effect can be accomplished by applying the CSS property backdrop-filter: blur() along with few other styles to make it look more appealing.

If you wish to play around with glassmorphism effect, there are tools to help you like the one below.

Glassmorphic effects can be better visualized with a colourful background. …

Amazon S3 —( Amazon Simple Storage Service) Cloud Object Storage service by AWS. It allows users to store and organize data in the cloud.

Static Websites — Simple websites don't have a backend service or connection to a database.


Go to your AWS account, if you do not have one already, you can sign up for a new account here.

Go to the service S3. Create a new bucket by clicking on the ‘Create Bucket’ button to host our website.

Flask with DynamoDB using boto3 module.

Technologies we’ll be using:

  • Flask — Python Web Framework
  • boto3 — Python module with necessary functions to work with AWS services like dynamoDB, S3.
  • DynamoDB — Document based database service by AWS.

Install the dependencies for the project using pip in the terminal.

$ pip install flask$ pip install boto3$ pip install python-decouple
  • Let’s create a python file to contain all our dynamoDB handler functions.
$ touch
  • In the file, import the boto3 module.
import boto3
  • Pass the credentials as environment variables

Create a .env file and include all the credentials in key=value format. E.g.,


Now import the credentials to our python…

In this article, I am going to explain the steps involved in deploying a flask application to an Amazon EC2 instance.

EC2 — Elastic Compute Cloud service is a compute service based on the cloud by AWS which scales up automatically based on the traffic it receives.

Create an EC2 instance

Select EC2 from the services.

In this article, you will be learning to implement GraphQL in Flask using the Graphene module.

GraphQL helps us to design APIs efficiently, by allowing us to request exactly what we want and receive a response with only the data that you requested.

Dependencies to install

  • Flask
  • graphene

Install the dependencies using pip

$ pip install Flask
$ pip install graphene

Let’s create a simple flask app called with a root route

from flask import Flask
app = Flask(__name__)
def root_route():
return 'Hello World'
if __name__ == '__main__':

And run the app, using

$ python


In this article, we are going to learn to dockerize a node.js application.


  • Node
  • npm
  • Docker

1. Create a node.js app

First, let’s create a simple node.js(express) application, to get started with express, read this article.

Create a file named index.js which is our express app, and add the following.

const express = require("express");const app = express();
const PORT = 4000;
app.get('/', (req, res) => {
res.send("Hello World"
app.listen( PORT, () => console.log("Server is listening to port" + PORT ));

Now, let's try to run our app in the terminal,

$ npm init$ npm install express$ node index.js

In this article, we will be creating a RESTful API in express (a node.js framework).

ReST stands for Representational State Transfer, it is an architectural style for designing APIs for applications.

Let’s try building a REST API in express framework.

  • We are going to define two routes with the methods GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, and PATCH.

In this article, I am gonna help you config your vue.js application to start using tailwind classes in your components.

  • Tailwind is a CSS framework that has lots of predefined styles for us to design faster.
  • Vue.js is a very popular front-end framework written in javascript.

If you don't have Vue CLI installed in your system, install it using npm. (Visit this website to download npm and node)

$ npm install -g @vue/cli

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